What an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney Does for YOU!

Jeff RasanskyA Texas truck accident attorney may be able to do quite a bit for you if you’ve been involved in a wreck. These attorneys specialize in suing trucking companies, which can be some of the most well protected companies from a legal perspective. When one of the drivers for these companies injures you, you can be certain that they will have quite a few attorneys making sure that their legal interests are covered. You’ll want that same service for your own interests.


The Check

It’s not uncommon for a trucking company to approach someone who is injured by one of their drivers with a check as an offer for compensation for their injuries. In most cases, the person receiving the check could probably do better if they went with an attorney. Even if the case does go to trial, the attorney may be able to negotiate a better settlement with the trucking company. It should come as no surprise that the trucking company is going to try to get away with giving you as little money as possible for your claim.


The majority of civil suits hinge on establishing that someone was negligent and that the plaintiff suffered an injury or property damage as a result of that negligence. There are many ways that the trucking company can be negligent. Trucking companies are governed by a complex set of federal, state and other regulations that apply to how they need to maintain their equipment and train their drivers. If one of these drivers injures you, they may be liable for damages. Every year, a frightening number of truckers report falling asleep behind the wheel. Truckers that are overtired and who haven’t been given adequate time to rest constitute some of the most dangerous threats on the road.

Choosing a Semi Truck Lawyer

Look for a truck accident lawyer that has plenty of experience with these types of cases. Because trucking companies do have access to a lot of money and, therefore, to a lot of resources, it’s important that your attorney is up to the challenge. Make certain that you don’t deal with the trucking company behind the attorney’s back. When you deal directly with the trucking company, they will most certainly have the advantage and you will likely walk away with less money in compensation than you could get working with your attorney.

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