Commercial Truck Insurers Will Go to Great Lengths to Harm Your Case or Trick You Into Ruining Your Own Case

Injury claims revolving around 18-wheeler truck accidents can be quite complex. Typically, there are a number of parties that may have contributed to the accident, including the driver, the company that owns the big rig, those who provide maintenance, route planners, and even the company which (improperly) loads the truck. In addition, federal traffic laws for truck drivers differ significantly from the those of passenger cars.

Located in Dallas, Texas, and assisting clients throughout Texas and the United States, Rasansky Law Firm has earned a reputation for providing truck accident victims with quality representation.

Our Dallas truck accident lawyers have obtained significant judgments for individuals who were seriously injured in an big rig crash as well as for families that have lost a loved one in a truck wreck. Of course, past results cannot guarantee similar results for you because every outcome is dependent on the unique facts and circumstances surrounding the particular case.

Our past experience does mean that you can rely on the information we provide and the advice we offer, especially in regard to settlement offers. Founding Texas truck accident attorney Jeff Rasansky leads our trucking accident team. He has a history of winning big cases and has earned numerous honors and awards throughout Texas and the United States from his peers.

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Whether you call it a semi-truck accident, an 18 wheeler truck wreck, a big rig crash or a tractor trailer trucking accident, chances are that if you were involved in a truck accident, there were serious injuries or fatalities. Texas has one of the highest rates of truck accidents, and Rasansky Law Firm is one of the nation’s leading big rig accident law firms. We have experience handling truck accident claims, and we have the financial resources to properly prosecute claims and see them through to final resolution.


Regardless of where in Texas your vehicle accident happened, you can count on the Rasansky Law Firm. Our Texas truck accident attorneys promise every client three things: Respect, Resources, and Results. Contact us today and discover what it feels like to have experienced car wreck attorneys treat you like their most important client.

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