Texas Road Fatalities High

The most recent year for which TxDOT has statistics are 2011, and those numbers are disturbing. The fatality rate on the roads was 1.28 deaths per hundred million miles driven. This was down from 2010 and, stated in those terms, the number may not seem that high. This still means that over 3,000 people lost their lives on the roads in Texas during the last year for which there are statistics.

All vehicle crashes have the potential to turn deadly, but among the most dangerous are those involving semi trucks. For anything else on the road, semi trucks are unstoppable. Carrying a loaded trailer and travelling at freeways speeds, they are capable of destroying a car entirely if they strike it. Even when they’re moving slow, their mass means that they are far more deadly than standard passenger cars. Read More

18-wheeler Accident Attorney Sues Trucking Company Over Death

A lawsuit was filed by an 18-wheeler accident attorney and the widow of a man who died as the result of a semi truck running a red light and striking a passenger vehicle head on. The lawsuit was filed in San Francisco over a 2011 incident. The truck allegedly ran a red light and veered into oncoming traffic to avoid a car that was in the intersection legally. As it did, it struck the victim’s Chevy Blazer head on, tipped over and killed the victim instantly.

This is only one example of how deadly semi trucks can be. While many of the claims filed against trucking companies are for property and personal injury, many of them are also, sadly, lawsuits filed over wrongful deaths. Read More

Getting Help After a Truck Accident

The aftermath of a truck accident can be devastating. Quite often, it involves the death of a family member simply because of the vehicles involved in the wreck. Sometimes, you’ll be offered a settlement by the trucking company in exchange for not suing them, sometimes not. Either way, you should get a lawyer for several different reasons.

Negligence Is not Always Obvious

When people are involved in car accidents, the only thing on their mind is fear, and this is entirely understandable. This also leads to a situation where they tend not to remember what happened during the accident. An attorney has the investigative skills to look back at what happened and to piece everything together. This includes being able to determine whether or not the trucking company was negligent in some regard and it may mean the difference between winning and losing a lawsuit. Read More