Trisha Marie Foulkrod Killed in Buda TX Dump Truck Accident

Buda, Texas — 58-year-old Trisha Marie Foulkrod was killed earlier today when a dump truck hauling sand lost control and fell on top of her car. Also in the vehicle, but surviving the accident, was her grandson.

The crash occurred on FM 1626 near Jerrys Lane at about 6:50 a.m. Monday morning (11/11/2013). Witnesses say that the dump truck, driving West on FM 1626, drove off into the ditch, over corrected and flipped over. Ms. Foulkrod and her grandson were traveling eastbound on FM 1626, when she noticed the dump truck ahead of her. According to the Department of Public Safety, Trisha Foulkrod pulled over in her lane as far as she could go in an effort to avoid a crash. Some reports say the dump truck fell on top of the car, while others lead you to believe that her car was crushed against the road’s guardrail.

The child was secured in a car seat and somehow avoided serious injury in the wreck. Paramedics examined and released the boy to a family member at the scene of the accident.