Trucking Lawsuit Filed Over Servicing

Not everyone who files a lawsuit over an accident involving a semi truck does so because they were injured by a semi driver on the highways. In fact, some of the people who file these lawsuits are semi operators themselves.

A case recently detailed in the Southeast Texas Record details that a semi truck driver is suing a company that services the vehicles over an incident that involved his wife being dragged by the truck. According to the report, the truck had a problem with slipping into gear. The truck was serviced but, after being serviced, the problems continued and, upon consulting with the mechanics, the owner was told that the problems had been fixed. After the incident, his wife ended up being dragged behind the truck after it slipped into gear.

Maintaining Equipment

Whether you’re behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler or sharing the road with someone else who is, it’s imperative that the vehicles be kept in proper working order. Employers who provide trucks for their employees to drive have to make sure that the vehicles are safe to operate on the highways. Not only does this keep other drivers safe, it keeps the semi driver themselves safe.

When equipment isn’t maintained properly, it can end up causing horrific accidents. There are very strict requirements governing how semi trucks have to be maintained to be operated on the highways. When companies fail to meet those requirements, the people who are hurt because of that negligence may stand to win an award from a jury or a settlement from the company that was supposed to be taking care of the equipment.

How Do You Know?

When you go to an attorney for truck accident help, they’ll make sure that they get all the service records for the vehicle involved in the wreck. In cases where a contractor doesn’t provide proper servicing, you may end up going after that business in your lawsuit, as they may be the party responsible for the negligence that led to your accident. In most cases, however, your attorney will go after the trucking company or the trucker for compensation.

It’s important to have an attorney who understands the complexities involved in pursuing one of these lawsuits. Attorneys who have handled these claims before stand a much better chance of winning a claim against a trucking company or against a company responsible for servicing a truck involved in a crash.


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