Truck Accident Kills Motorcyclist

It should come as no surprise to anyone that motorcyclists are at greater danger when they are on the highways that are most other motorists. The smaller vehicles that they ride, the fact that they have no roll cage around them and the fact that these vehicles can be difficult to see for other drivers all make motorcycles risky. In Sun Diego, a motorcyclist recently lost his life on the 405 freeway during a collision with a truck.

The motorcyclist died during the crash. There is, as of yet, no information as to the actual cause of the crash or who was at fault. There are a lot of drivers out there that attempt to bully motorcyclists around on the roadways. Despite the fact that the law recognizes motorcycles as vehicles with as much right to the road as any other vehicle, some motorcyclists end up being pushed out of lanes or completely ignored by other drivers. In instances involving semi trucks, there are particular dangers that motorcyclists have to pay attention to, no matter how good the truck driver is at their job.


If you’ve ever been in a passenger vehicle behind a semi truck, you probably experienced being blown around a bit by the wind that comes off the back of these vehicles. When you’re on a motorcycle, this effect is magnified manyfold. Alongside a semi truck, there are very strong air currents that can endanger motorcyclists if they’re not careful.

Semi trucks are provided with excellent mirrors and, combined with an attentive driver, vehicles can get surprisingly close to a semi and still remain visible. Big rigs, however, do have blind spots and, because of the smaller size of their vehicles, it’s easy for motorcyclists to slip into these blind spots without realizing it. If you’re on a bike near an 18 wheeler, you need to be extremely careful about staying visible. If you can’t see the driver’s mirrors, the driver cannot see you.

Sometimes, motorcycle accidents happen simply because of the physics of the vehicle, road conditions that are dangerous to these particular vehicles that would not be to four wheeled vehicles and for other reasons that are nobody’s fault. There are instances, however, where an 18 wheeler’s driver is directly responsible for killing a motorcyclist. Experienced truck accident lawyers can help the surviving family or, if they’re lucky enough to survive, the motorcyclist injured by filing a lawsuit for compensation.


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