Chanh Vo Critically Injured in 18-Wheeler Truck Accident

AccidentBethany, Texas — 31-year-old Chanh Vo of Carthage has been hospitalized in critical condition following an early Friday morning accident in Panola County, TX.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Panola County Sheriff’s Office, Chanh Vo was driving northbound on Highway 79 through Bethany, Texas, when his Honda Accord collided with a southbound 18-wheeler truck. Only preliminary details are available at this time, and a full investigation into the accident needs to be completed before one can determine fault in such an accident.

52-year-old Mitchell Reynolds has been named as the driver of the big rig truck. He was reportedly uninjured in the crash. The 18-wheeler that Mr. Reynolds was driving ruptured its gas tank in the crash and spilled ~200 gallons of diesel fuel. A hazmat crew from Henderson is working to clean it up.

Phuoc Van Hoang Killed in Katy, TX Truck Accident

Katy Truck AccidentKaty, Texas — 25-year old Phuoc Van Hoang was killed Wednesday morning (10/16/2013) when he was involved in an accident with a commercial truck in Katy, TX.

At about 12:45 a.m. early Wednesday morning, Phuoc Van Hoang was driving west along Spencer Road (AKA Farm to Market Road 529) near Paddock Bend Drive when he came upon an 18-wheeler that had turned into a business’ driveway. In the dark, Mr. Hoang did not see that the truck’s cargo, several steel beams, were sticking out from the rear of the trailer into the street. Phuoc Van Hoang collided with the steel beams and was transferred to Memorial Hermann, where he was pronounced dead shotly thereafter.

Police report that, not only did the driver of the commercial truck not use any type of visable beacon on the rear of his cargo, but he also failed to obtain a proper permit to transport such an oversized load. If the reported facts of this case hold true, it would appear that the trucking company was grossly negligent in this fatal accident.

in this fatal accident.

Rollover Truck Accident Near Seagraves, TX Kills 5

Rollover Truck Accident

A rollover accident involving a Dodge pickup truck and a GMC pickup truck near Seagraves, Texas has killed five people. The victims were identified as Luis Valenzuela, 26, of Sherman, Texas; Isabel Garcia-De La Cerda, 35, of Sherman, Texas; Romulo Molina, 39, of Sherman, Texas; Juan Carlos Enriquez Mendoza, 31, of Mexico and David Dominguez-Juarez, of Mexico. Ramero Aguilar, a passenger in the Dodge, was hospitalized. Ramon Aguilar, the driver of the Dodge pickup, fled the scene but was later found by troopers and taken to a hospital.

The Dodge appears to have struck the GMC from behind, causing the two vehicles to flip and come to rest in the roadside ditch. Authorities are saying that alcohol may be a factor, but are not ready to confirm at this time.

Trucking Company Sued for $100,000 | Experienced truck accident lawyers

A trucking company has been sued in Jefferson County over an incident involving a car accident. The lawsuit alleges that the driver and the transport company are responsible for the wreck, according to reporting on

The lawsuit seeks $100,000 for the medical expenses, disfigurement, pain and other hardships that the plaintiff suffered due to the accident, according to the reporting. There is no information given on how the accident occurred or where it occurred in the article. The list of reasons why the victim is seeking compensation, however, is useful in understanding the dangers of collisions with semis. Read More

Things to Watch Out for if You’re Suing a Trucking Company

It should come as no surprise to anyone that companies can sometimes be dishonest. If you’re involved in a wreck involving a semi-truck, you might find yourself in a situation where you’re being deceived in a way that’s designed to keep you from exercising your full legal rights and going after the company in court. Here are some things that you definitely have to watch out for. If the trucking company that caused the wreck you were involved with tries them, be sure to contact an 18-wheeler accident attorney right away.

Not Keeping Evidence

In the worst case scenarios, trucking companies will go to great lengths—even ones that cross over into being illegal—to protect themselves from being sued. This may include taking actions such as destroying the logs for the driver involved in the accident or forging new logs. This is harder to do now that there’s technology that keeps track of trucks, where they’re going and when they’re moving, but it’s still something that a company might try to do to ruin your claim.

Having an attorney who understands just how far a trucking company will go to reduce the chances that they’ll lose a lawsuit is imperative if you want to maximize your chances of winning. An attorney who has experience dealing with these claims will notice when something seems off about the evidence they’re given or about anything else, for that matter, and that can make all the difference in whether you walk away with a jury award or with no compensation for the accident you were involved in.

Taking a Statement

In the legal world, there’s nothing quite as innocuous sounding or as potentially detrimental to your winning a claim than making a statement. There’s a reason that people who are accused of crimes—smart, innocent people—refuse to make statements without an attorney present. Making a statement in an official setting, even if you’re just relating the events as you remember them, can get you in a lot of trouble or ruin your chances of ever winning a lawsuit.

Remember that the description of any event can change dramatically depending upon how the person narrating the event is questioned about it. Trucking companies that want someone to take your statement will generally want to herd you into answering the questions in a certain way, which may give them the edge legally.


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Trucking Lawsuit Filed Over Servicing

Not everyone who files a lawsuit over an accident involving a semi truck does so because they were injured by a semi driver on the highways. In fact, some of the people who file these lawsuits are semi operators themselves.

A case recently detailed in the Southeast Texas Record details that a semi truck driver is suing a company that services the vehicles over an incident that involved his wife being dragged by the truck. According to the report, the truck had a problem with slipping into gear. The truck was serviced but, after being serviced, the problems continued and, upon consulting with the mechanics, the owner was told that the problems had been fixed. After the incident, his wife ended up being dragged behind the truck after it slipped into gear. Read More

Texas Road Fatalities High

The most recent year for which TxDOT has statistics are 2011, and those numbers are disturbing. The fatality rate on the roads was 1.28 deaths per hundred million miles driven. This was down from 2010 and, stated in those terms, the number may not seem that high. This still means that over 3,000 people lost their lives on the roads in Texas during the last year for which there are statistics.

All vehicle crashes have the potential to turn deadly, but among the most dangerous are those involving semi trucks. For anything else on the road, semi trucks are unstoppable. Carrying a loaded trailer and travelling at freeways speeds, they are capable of destroying a car entirely if they strike it. Even when they’re moving slow, their mass means that they are far more deadly than standard passenger cars. Read More

18-wheeler Accident Attorney Sues Trucking Company Over Death

A lawsuit was filed by an 18-wheeler accident attorney and the widow of a man who died as the result of a semi truck running a red light and striking a passenger vehicle head on. The lawsuit was filed in San Francisco over a 2011 incident. The truck allegedly ran a red light and veered into oncoming traffic to avoid a car that was in the intersection legally. As it did, it struck the victim’s Chevy Blazer head on, tipped over and killed the victim instantly.

This is only one example of how deadly semi trucks can be. While many of the claims filed against trucking companies are for property and personal injury, many of them are also, sadly, lawsuits filed over wrongful deaths. Read More

Getting Help After a Truck Accident

The aftermath of a truck accident can be devastating. Quite often, it involves the death of a family member simply because of the vehicles involved in the wreck. Sometimes, you’ll be offered a settlement by the trucking company in exchange for not suing them, sometimes not. Either way, you should get a lawyer for several different reasons.

Negligence Is not Always Obvious

When people are involved in car accidents, the only thing on their mind is fear, and this is entirely understandable. This also leads to a situation where they tend not to remember what happened during the accident. An attorney has the investigative skills to look back at what happened and to piece everything together. This includes being able to determine whether or not the trucking company was negligent in some regard and it may mean the difference between winning and losing a lawsuit. Read More

Truck Accident Kills Motorcyclist

It should come as no surprise to anyone that motorcyclists are at greater danger when they are on the highways that are most other motorists. The smaller vehicles that they ride, the fact that they have no roll cage around them and the fact that these vehicles can be difficult to see for other drivers all make motorcycles risky. In Sun Diego, a motorcyclist recently lost his life on the 405 freeway during a collision with a truck. Read More